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Create case studies and sales presentations, using real data and attract even more customers.

Data Anonymization

Slide the bar to see the effect.

The plugin changes sensitive
text into random characters. By keeping the original formatting, data encryption is discreet and aesthetically pleasing for the viewers.

The plugin changes all the input fields into “password” type fields, where you can’t see the text you entered. It means that data you entered in the form is also anonymized, and the form itself works properly.

The plugin works perfectly on
hiding pictures. Ad creations and graphic resources, which would allow identification of your client,
will be changed into different images.

Customize for your own needs

Our plugin can handle any case that requires hiding certain information on any web page.


Your own tags

You can add or delete site elements, which require anonymization. All you need to do is to right click on the element and choose “add/delete tag” from the context menu.

Your own web pages

Our plugin works on any web page. If you want to add a website, which we don’t support yet, all you need to do is to add spots, which you want to be anonymized.

Ignoring particular words

You might not want to anonymize particular words on the page. To do that, just add them to the “white list”.

Word mapping

To make your presentation run smoothly, you can pair certain words with the anonymized ones.

Screen capture and one-click screenshots

Perfect solution to save materials with anonymized data. Record video of your screen with your voice and make one-click screenshot whenever you want.

Tags preview

Check the range of encrypted data in potential tag. Just righ click within while holding the "Ctrl" button and its area will be automatically highlighted.

We protect your privacy

We have no access to your sensitive information. You can easily check it in the developer console (F12 → Network) We only send information about the location of encrypted spot, but without it’s content (e.g. first table cell on page x).

It works in real time

Our plugin anonymizes data before it ends up on the screen.
It’s active in every case of new data appearing for display, so you can change pages, enter the links, or use dynamically loading content.

Clicking on the link

You can safely move through the subpages; all the information will remain hidden.

Opening a new page

Changing the page with an address bar, opening a new tab, or refreshing the page – in all of these cases sensitive data will remain anonymized.

Dynamic websites

The plugin also works on sites, which load data dynamically – they change the content without going to a new address.

For you and your clients

You can prepare reliable materials, increase the efficiency of your presentations, and your clients will get results, that are easy to understand, straight from the tools they know.

Convenience and saving time

You won’t need to rewrite data in external tools, or block certain spots on the screens anymore. Using you can prepare materials directly in Google Ads, Analytics, or other service you work with everyday, and you can do it in just a few moments.

Build reliable message

Create materials on live and show your viewers the results on real examples. Don’t limit yourself in showing detailed information to your audience. With our plugin you can prepare the best materials you’ve ever managed to create. 

Raise the bar for your presentations

All basic features are available for free.
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Start encrypting data now

You’re just a few steps away from creating great, anonymized presentations.

Install the plugin in Google Chrome

Download plugin from Chrome Web Store and install it in your browser.

Create a user account

Quick registration process you can
finish with just a few clicks.

Choose paid plan, or stay for free is a free plugin. But, if you wish to have full freedom in hiding sensitive data, we recommend you to use a paid subscription.

Login and go to a site of your choice

Login to your user account and then go to Google Ads, Google Analytics… the choice is yours.

Activate anonymization process

Click on the activation button in the plugin window and hide sensitive data on active pages on the browser.

You need less than 5 minutes to start.

See the opportunities of each plan and compare

You can use for free. Though this plan includes built-in ads and is limited to encrypting only data defined by us.
With a small fee you can use without any limits.


$0.0/ month


$19.0/ month


$49.0/ month

Screen capture and one-click screenshots
No ads
No gray mode
Your own tags
Your own web pages
Ignoring chosen words
Word mapping


Frequently Asked Questions

Basic version of is free. Premium account subscription costs $19 per month. allows anonymization on any website you choose. All you need to do is to add selectors for the particular domain and activate the plugin. But this option is a part of out paid plan. For free account users, we provide selectors, defined by us, for services such as: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console.

The plugin works only on Google Chrome. But it’s possible we’ll create it for other browsers as well.

The free version and standard anonymization allows one user per account.

Sure! You can cancel your subscription at any given moment in the user panel, or by contacting us.

Write to us, using the contact form below, or at
We’ll respond ASAP


Got additional questions?
Write to us at or call us +44 203 90 79 790.
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